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Dec 16, 2019 18 advantages and disadvantages of fast food dec 16, 2019 mar 3, 2019 by green garage communities large and small often have at least one significant fast food establishment that can serve up a meal when needed. It is best to eat fast food as little as possible, as it is energy dense, high in saturated fat, low in vitamins and minerals, and associated with low vegetable and milk intake. Fast food is rich in fats, salts, artificial substances and oils which increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, there are many reasons that have been shown why people continuing eating fast food while they knew about its negative effects on their health and family. Filling your diet with junk food may lead to weight gain. Consumption of fastfood is highly prevalent in almost all parts of the world and does not spare any age, gender, racial or ethnic groups. Some fast food products contain more fat in one item than the average individual should consume in a day. Such type of food perfectly suits the fast paced life of a working individual. Advantages and disadvantages of fast food every foodie must.

To study the main ingredients used in fast food hypothesis h0. Objectiveto investigate the effect of fast food consumption on mean population body mass index bmi and explore the possible influence of market deregulation. Advantages and disadvantages of fast food authorstream presentation. Eating fast food can lead to issues with edema, bloating, and swelling. Jun 09, 2018 fast food the epitome of instant gratification. These fast food pros and cons follow the same rule as any other nutritional item. Negative effects of fast food the most common disadvantages of fast food. The dangers of eating fast food stony brook university. Disadvantages of fast food are not only related with the health condition. Nov, 2019 the disadvantages of junk food may include that processed foods can be very high in calories while also being low in nutritional value. If someone wants to eat fast food, there are always justifications for it.

Fast food are often lack of minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamins like a, b complex. But busy work, or lazy to cook are the reasons to take you to the snack time. Disadvantages of fast food fast food is pretty controversial. Advantages and disadvantages of fast food authorstream.

To study the increasing temptation of youngster on fast food 5. This disadvantage is what causes some individuals to feel bloated, puffy. Fast food is a food that is prepared and served very quickly,which is first popularized in the 1950s in the united states. If foreign fast food chains are unable to respond to the global trend of healthy offerings in their jamaican restaurants, this is an opportune time for local chains to amp up the competition. Despite its merits to human life, fast food poses several health hazards to people. Diseases like coronary artery disease and diabetes mellitus have seen a profound rise in developing countries and such unhealthy junk food consumption is one. Do the advantages of eating more fast food outweigh the disadvantages. Department of public health sciences, school of medicine, university of california davis, one shields avenue, med sci 1c, davis, ca 95616. Processed foods like noodles, pizza, white bread, diet soda etc. Eating fast food can save a lot of money for large families, students and anyone else looking to eat out without breaking the bank. Fast food restaurants and their advertisements are permeating our neighborhoods, schools, television, and culture. Fast food restaurants are like other establishments and publish allergen charts for their meals. Pdf the advantages and disadvantages of fast food the. Fast food chains like mcdonalds are opening up in every nook and corner of the world, attracting people of all ages, especially the children and youth.

Pros and cons of fast food yulia atanova larisa yanenko. Advantages and disadvantages of eating fast food eating. When you feel like eating something and think of food, the things come to mind first are the taste, odor or color. The disadvantage of fast food is the quality of calories that are being consumed. The advantages and disadvantages of fast food essay example. Fast foods and their impact on health journal of krishna institute. The cons of junk foods are that excessive consumption may lead to overeating or consuming excessive amounts of calories, sodium and saturated fat. Know possible harms of fast food and control your intake md. Mar 10, 2016 as a conclusion, fast food is becoming more and more acceptable and convenient in our society.

Fast food can make grabbing a meal on the way quick and easy. Fast food or junk food is a generic term for all kinds of foods which are rich in energy, because they contain a lot of fat and sugar, as well as salt, but are relatively low in other important. That means people with specific dietary requirements can still be able to enjoy a quick meal when needed. According to bender and bender, fast food is a general term used for a limited menu of foods.

Customers also avoid having to leave a tip when they choose a fast food establishment over a typical restaurant. You can save an amount of money when there is no gas fee to cook, transportation fee to buy food. Well, obesity is also on the rise as a result of growing popularity of fast food. With our daily schedules, many just do not have time to prepare the food at home or go out to eat at a restaurant. The food sold in restaurant or stored with preheated or precooked ingredients and served to customer in packed form. Those who have to look after their weight will think of the portion size, many others think of energy, fats, sugars, vitamins or minerals. Fast food contain high amount of sodium and cholesterol. Jul 25, 2018 fast food once in a while is totally fine, but making a habit out of it can lead to a range of health issues.

Obesity is one prime disadvantage of consuming fast food. Although the occasional evening of fast food products will not adversely impact your health, having a habit where you eat burgers and fries constantly can be. Advantages and disadvantages of fast food fast food menu prices. The advantages and disadvantages of fast food must first look at the health impacts before any other concern because of how dangerous these meals can be over time. Aug 23, 2018 fast food or junk food is a generic term for all kinds of foods which are rich in energy, because they contain a lot of fat and sugar, as well as salt, but are relatively low in other important. When you decide to eat a fast food meal, then the combination of salt, sugar, and fat can lead to problems with water retention, which is known as edema.

Moreover, people who visited fast food restaurants more than twice per week gained roughly nine to 11 pounds four to five kilograms more than people who visited them less than once per week 8. Advantages and disadvantages of slow food and fast food. Fast food contains excess of oil or saturated fat and is also high in sugar content. Junk foods with high level sugar and carbohydrate may increase the risk of affecting to type 2 diabetes. For example, consuming 500 calories from junk food each day can lead to 1 pound of weight gain in just a week. Fast food is often filled with ingredients such as soya, salt, cheese or mayonnaise and is often deep fried, which adds a lot of extra calories without adding any additional nutrition. There are approximately 14,000 mcdonalds and 5000 kfcs in the united states, this only reflects the popularity of fast food. It has some advantages like saving time and money, but also some drawbacks, most of them related with ones health condition. Burger king and big mac burgers have become defining foods of the typical american diet. Doc advantages and disadvantages of eating fast food eating.

Waiting just minutes for piping hot, perfectlysalted mac d fries is worth it every time, isnt it. Many fast food chains offer discount menus with foods costing a dollar or less. Disadvantages of traditional food are not every people can eat especially for tourism who come from another country, it will become very boring food if you eat it too often. However, we realize that many lifestyles depend on a fast food diet and thus it is even more important to learn. Some would go to war over colonel sanders and golden arches, while others furrow their brows in d. You could be saving money, time, and eating healthier by remembering these pros and cons of fast food. Disadvantages of fast foods in the united states, people eat fast food. Fast food consumption is an independent predictor of mean bmi in highincome countries. Pros and cons of fast food excerpted from pros and cons of fast food national latino council on alcohol and tobacco prevention nlcatp, march 21, 2015 pros of fast food 1. Although fast food industry provides products and services to almost every country of the world, the current essay about fast food will provide data on the prevalence of junk food only in the united states. Doc advantages and disadvantages of eating fast food. Any food can be eaten in an unhealthy amount to promote an unhealthy weight, especially when combined with a sedentary lifestyle. In this fastpaced world fast food is very much a permanent part of our lifestyle. Given the high amount of calories, it will take a significant amount of exercise to burn off the calories you take in.

Anyone who comes to fast food thinks it was a choice which is not benefit to your health. Fast food is one of those subjects, which people will always discuss those who eat it and. Disadvantages of fast food usually, fast food is higher in soya, fat, sugar, oil, fried meat, salt, cheese, mayonnaise and obviously calories. In this fast paced world fast food is very much a permanent part of our lifestyle. If fast food is cheaper for a single person, things change when an entire family consumes such food regularly. It isnt easy to find healthy items that are fresh at fast food restaurants.

There are some advantage and disadvantage of junk food. The advantages of traditional food are cheap, easy to buy, attract tourism, etc. Fast food restaurants are extremely popular because people are always in a hurry, so they head towards fast food restaurants to save their time. The disadvantages of junk food healthy eating sf gate. If you are busy running the kids from practice to practice. There is nothing secret when we consume fat, salt, sugary snacks. The greatest disadvantage of fast food is the adverse effect that it. Food that is prepared and served quickly is termed as fast food. To sum it up, the argument for fast food advantages and disadvantages will never end. Intro 00 mcdonalds in the usa, 8000 kfc in the world popular quick preparation readymade modern fast paced lifestyle adverse effects to health. Pdf consumption of fastfood is highly prevalent in almost all parts of the world and does not spare any age, gender, racial or ethnic groups. Enemies of fast food also come up with the argument that eating ready to serve food reduces the quality time that a family can spend together cooking and eating.

The disadvantages of fast food essay topics, sample papers. The globalization of fast food, public health and why we. Learn about fast food effects on your different body systems. Diabetes is a disease in which a person has high blood sugar. Besides, meal price is also an advantage of fast food with the ones who live alone.

Advantages and disadvantages of fast food every foodie must know. The current fast food argumentative essay will focus on the american nation as a target population. The dangers of eating fast food in a society that functions at a high speed, fast food has quickly been adopted as the preferred food of choice. The influence of market deregulation on fast food consumption. It is often cheaper to have a meal when you stay alone, let alone some extra offers on special events. Advantages and disadvantages of fast food every foodie.

When fast food is thought of as a treat instead of a necessity, it can be a good thing. As a result, the fat deposits in body begin to accumulate resulting in weight gain and obesity. These results along with other evidence, have shown that fast food is less healthy than other food 9, 10. Full sample essay replacing conventional meals with junk food is fast becoming the norm for many people, and while this may be more practical, it presents some serious concerns for health and productivity. More fast food restaurants are offering healthy options. Pdf effects of junk food and beverages on adolescents. The popularity of fast food is on the rise in more and more countries of the world. Many fast food products are high in fat content, high in sodium, and low in overall nutrition. It takes an extra 3,500 calories in your diet to gain 1 pound of body weight. In addition to obesity, affecting to diabetes is the other disadvantages of using fast food. You can opt for a salad at most fast food places now, sure it may be harder to make that call when all you see is photos of great looking burgers on the menu but it is a very real option. Almost any other option is a better choice than fast food for your regular eating habits because of the high levels of fat, sugar, and salt found in most items. Pdf fast food is the term given to foods that are prepared and served very. The advantage and disadvantages of eating fast food essay.

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