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Citescore values are based on citation counts in a given year e. The mission of urology, the gold journal, is to provide practical, timely, and relevant clinical and basic science information to physicians. Marion sims controversial surgical legacy sara spettel and mark donald white from the division of urology, department of surgery, albany medical college, albany, new york abbreviations and acronyms vvf vesicovaginal. Full text in epub is free except for the current issue.

We quantified the burden of interstitial cystitispainful bladder syndrome on the health care system in the united states. Spinal cord injury sci is one of the most common causes of neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction, which affects more than 291,000 individuals in the united states and an annual incidence rate of 17,730 cases. Open access journal of urology alternative link english eissn. Journal by medknow publications and website addres.

In this series of articles i am going to show you some of the exhibits contained in the museum of urology, hosted on the baus website uk. Worse urinary, sexual, and bowel function cause emotional. Download pdf voiding function and dysfunction, bladder physiology and pharmacology, and female urology select article re. It was gutting to miss out on urology at national selection on my first attempt.

Proposals for fresh approaches of assessing pathologic stage in light of recent studies and observations pertaining to bladder histoanatomic variances. Intensive lifestyle changes may affect the progression of early, low grade prostate cancer in men. The journal of urology april 2005 aja university of. What is new in nonmuscleinvasive bladder cancer in 2016. Jurnal kebudayaan dan ilmu keislamaninstitut ilmu keislaman annuqayah directory of open access journals doaj 2015 current issue. Mk040005rc the patients aged 2494 years old, 46% male, had fragments that ranged from 1 to 20 mm pretreatment, and the number of fragmentsstones ranged from 1 to more than 5.

Teaching nursing students the care of a patient with end stage renal disease in a pediatric nursing theory course. Announcement updated icmje recommendations december. Ehab fathy gabr aboueladab, damietta university, faculty of specific education damietta, new damietta city, p. Contends clinical urology state of art article use of transrectal prostatic ultrasonography in evaluation of patients with prostatic carcinoma. Guidelines for authors society of urologic nurses and. February 2015 29 january 2015 6 2014 203 december 2014 26 november 2014 84 october 2014 3 august 2014 2 july 2014 3. Challenges in pathologic staging of bladder cancer. Worse urinary, sexual, and bowel function cause emotional distress and vice versa in men treated for prostate cancer january 4, 2018 the purpose of this study was to test whether urinary, sexual, and bowel function contribute to emotional distress during the first two years post treatment, and whether distress may, in turn, decrease function. Members of the american urological association may access the journal. The following is a list of the most cited articles based on citations published in the last three.

The endocannabinoid systema target for the treatment of luts. Assess your knowledge with continuum, the aans official cme journal. Free papers urology journal of university of michigan. To test whether dmannose powder is effective for recurrent urinary tract infection uti prevention. Sleep quality, fatigue, and healthrelated quality of life in patients on initial peritoneal dialysis and multiple modalities after two years. Antimicrobial susceptibilities of escherichia coli isolates as agents of communityacquired urinary tract infection 20082014. The world journal of urology publishes the essential results of urological research and their practical and clinical relevance to a broad audience of urologists in research and clinical practice. Ive only recently paid full attention to sir william fergusson 18081877. Evaluation, treatment, and surveillance of neurogenic. Aug 01, 2019 1 department of urology, jewish general hospital, mcgill university, 3755 cotesaintecatherine road, pavillion e. We have recently reported that psa is present in 30 percent of women with breast cancer. The smooth sphincter as a passive organ of continence and an active participant in voiding woodburne 6 in 1961 summarized the available ana tomical and physiologic data in a landmark paper. The effect of sci on the lower urinary tract is variable and depends. Advances in urology provides a forum for urologists, nephrologists, and basic scientists working in the field of urology.

The journal of urology issue table of contents april 2005, volume 173, issue 4 this month in clinical urology 1057 this month in clinical urology. In order to guarantee a balanced program articles are published to reflect the. January 2020 starting form january 2020, all pertinent submissions are liable to request of ethical approval from the. The journal of urology american urological association. Unless clearly specified, the views expressed in articles, editorials, and letters published in urologic nursing represent the opinions of the authors. Analysis of the pathophysiology of lower urinary tract symptoms in patients after prostatectomy. Apr 30, 20 to test whether dmannose powder is effective for recurrent urinary tract infection uti prevention. The journal of urology founded in 1917 by hugh hampton young official journal of the american urological association, inc. The mechanisms whereby various drug classes alter sexual function remain poorly documented. A multicenter, prospective, randomized controlled trial by the japanese research group for urinary tract infection. The indian journal of urology will provide immediate unrestricted access to its full text articles. Full text of the journal of urology internet archive. The journal of urology founded in 1917 by hugh hampton young official journal of fhe american urological association, inc.

National urology research agenda american urological association. Journal by medknow publications and website address. Nerve damage may also be involved, says gregory mitchell, md, a urology resident at tulane university school of medicine and the coauthor of a. Selected articles from this journal and other medical research on novel coronavirus 2019ncov and related viruses are now available for free on sciencedirect start exploring directly or visit the elsevier novel coronavirus information center. Its made of the prostate, scrotum, testes and penis. Earn up to 14 ama pra category 1 credits of cme, 12 of which count toward abpn continuing certification cc selfassessment sacme credit. A study published in the september 1996 journal of urology concluded that average flaccid penile length was 8. Submissions of papers from all countries are considered for publication.

Urologic nursing, the official journal of the society of urologic nurses and associates, inc. Neonatal circumcision does not reduce penile sensitivity in men new research published in the journal of urology challenges widely accepted beliefs. An attempt has been made, based on recent advances in sexual physiology, to clarify druginduced sexual dysfunction on the basis of possible or probable. Neonatal circumcision does not reduce penile sensitivity. Direct link to pubmed abstracts of published by authors from left hand side navigation links resource links on the full text article pages. Editorial a disclosure form for work submitted to medical journals a proposal from the international committee of medical journal editors january. Official journal of the urological research society the world journal of urology conveys regularly the essential results of urological research and their practical and clinical relevance to a broad audience of urologists in research and clinical practice. January 2020 starting form january 2020, all pertinent submissions are liable to request of ethical approval from the respective authorities with approval numbers. The journal of urology rg journal impact rankings 2018 and 2019. Groen j, pannek j, castro diaz d, del popolo g, gross t, et al. Pregnancy after urinary diversion at young agesrisks and outcome. Indian journal of urology iju is the official publication of the urological society of india usi.

The national electronic injury surveillance system contains prospectively collected data. This premier journal presents investigative studies on critical areas of research and practice, survey articles providing short condensations of the. Montreal, qc, h3g 0c7, canada 2 department of urology, prince sultan military medical city, p. International journal of urology wiley online library. After initial antibiotic treatment of acute cystitis, 308 women with history of recurrent uti and no other significant comorbidities were randomly allocated to three groups.

Urology books urology research guide library guides at tulane. The journal of urology rg journal impact rankings 2018. The european association of urology eau neurourology guidelines aim to provide information for. Embargo policy all article content is under embargo until uncorrected proof of the article becomes available online. Neonatal circumcision does not reduce penile sensitivity in. Oxidative stress, antioxidant and leptin status in. This month in investigative urology 1059 this month in investigative urology. Characteristics of two distinct clinical phenotypes in pathologically proven progressive supranuclear palsy. To describe the demographics and mechanism of genitourinary gu injuries related to pubic hair grooming in patients who present to u. Announcement proposed icmje disclosure form january. The indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences is pleased to announce the launch of its website. A special centenary issue was released in 2017 to celebrate 100 years of the publication of the journal. The journal of urology, the official journal of the aua, and the most widely read and highly cited journal in the field, brings solid coverage of the clinically relevant content needed to stay at the forefront of the dynamic field of urology. International journal of urology is the official english language journal of the japanese urological association, publishing articles of scientific excellence in urology.

Interstitial cystitis and painful bladder syndrome. Longitudinal assessment of adult cases performed by graduating urology residents in the united states. Atala, anthony editorials 1061 early stage prostate cancerdo we have a problem. Nephrology nursing journal american nephrology nurses. Selected books on kidney diseases and general urology. A doctor who specializes in these body parts is called a urologist.

Summary of european association of urology eau guidelines on neuro urology. All journal articles featured in scandinavian journal of urology vol 54 issue 2. The journal of urology vol 199, issue 1, pages a1a22, 1. Nephrourology monthly alternative link english issn. Bladder, penis and urethral cancer, and basic principles of oncology select article re. In order to guarantee a balanced program, articles are published that reflect the developments in all fields of urology on an internationally advanced. Listen to indepth interviews with expert authors of continuum journal articles and.

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