Triggertrap twin flash adapter for iphone

Voila and congratulations, youve added a ton of smart features to your camera. Triggertrap releases new flash adapter for high speed photography. Standard remote press to take a photo 3 different long exposure remote modes timed remote, pressandhold, press to start and press to stop, a. With triggertrap, ioshutter and triggerhappy making camera triggering via iphone very accessible, i always thought it was quite a shame that all that iphone or android power of triggering cameras was not used in high speed photography. Triggertrap brand flash adapter ttfa1 just after i completed the balloon experiment triggertrap announced a flash adapter of their own, the ttfa1. Triggertrap flash adapter version 2 dale photographic. The resolution from isyncflash is 640 by 852 pixels not the full 5mp resolution the iphone 4 is capable of, but decent enough for web use. Triggertrap flash adapter, version 2 ttfa2 adorama. This is very convenient as it makes it possible to control flashes which are not actually on the camera.

In this video i show you how to use triggertrap with a flash. Unlike most systems that rely on a transmitter and a receiver, the yongnuo trigger set contains. The flash adapter itself is a cube with two hotshoe adapters and a hole for a jack so you can connect it to the triggertrap itself and from there to your iphone. You can use it to trigger a camera shutter based on time, light, sound, or any of a number of different parameters. Triggertrap strobe adapter high speed photography with. If you know your login email but have never set a password, please reset your password.

Find out whether your slr camera is supported here. If your flash unit does not have a pc sync port, then you will need a flash adapter for pluto trigger to trigger the flash unit. Triggertrap is an app that makes it easy for photographers to use their phone as a wired remote control. Download the app to your iphone, ipad or android device, and use the triggertrap mobile kit to connect your smartphone to your camera.

Triggertrap flash adapter harnesses smartphones for high. Triggertrap introduces new flash adapter and speedy app update. Triggertrap, like any startup, had some big highs and lows. Remote release mode press to take a photo, 3 different long exposure remote modes timed remote, pressandhold, press to start and press to stop,5 different timelapse modes, including star trail, gpsbased distance lapse, and time warp.

For use with modern, portable electronic flashes only. Download triggertrap mobile and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod. The latest generation disguises 14 oftcomplex advanced remote triggering options in a visually seductive and simplified design which makes the app easier than ever before to pick up. Pair that with the allnew triggertrap flash adapter, which can. The triggertrap flash adapter connects your flash with your mobile phone in order to bypass the shutter lag of your camera. The triggertrap mobile app for android is not yet optimised for high speed photography with the triggertrap flash adapter. Those who still use a real camera, theres stuff in here for you, too.

Trigger your camera 12 different ways with triggertraps. Theres also a twin head flash adapter for using triggertrap with flashes instead of cameras. A common issue with all highspeed flash triggers is the fact that the triggering event is usually too early and the flash fires a bit too early. Triggertrap ttfa2 v2 dual hot shoe flash adapter for. The triggertrap flash adapter activates any hotshoe equipped flash from an iphone using a specialized mobile dongle, flash adapter and ios app. Win the ultimate ipad remote controlled trigger kit from. Here we are testing it using an iphone 5 and nikon d3200. These will remotely trigger the flash without needing to connect it to your camera with a cable of any sort. Triggertrap introduces interesting ios app, hardware combo. The device will allow you to trigger flash guns with a standard hot shoe connector or studio strobes with pc terminal when shooting with your iphone 5s, 6 or 6 plus running ios 8. Triggertrap mobile uses the iphones camera to fire the dslrs shutter when it detects movement.

Triggertrap flash adapter bypasses the camera altogether, triggering your flash directly and with the newest version of triggertrap mobile for ios, weve made the app 12 times faster than it was before. Whichever option you choose, you will need both a triggertrap mobile dongle and a camera connection cable, so please check carefully. So, flash photography with an iphone is possible, works with both speedlights and monolights and is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. Now, before you go selling your canon, nikon, and leica cameras, you should know there are a few drawbacks. Works with all flash units using universal hot shoe like canon, nikon, sigma. With triggertrap flash adapter, youll be able to use the triggertrap mobile apps for android and ios to trigger your flash instead of your camera, shaving precious milliseconds off your highspeed photography. If your smartphone has become your primary camera, this roundup is for you.

An iphone photographer uses wireless the flash trigger with studio strobes. Today triggertrap added a new feature to its app, now photographers can control advance trigger settings from smarphone or tablet, but there is a little problem that you need a another smartphone to as a slave device connected to your camera by a dongle or cable wire, the master device in your hand will do the rest if the work, one more thing no need of wifi in you camera since you are. There are 12 different triggering modes, including two different flavors of timelapse, distancelapse, motion detection, sound, magnetism and vibration sensors, and a facial recognition sensor. Triggertrap ttfa2 flash adapter version 2 for iphone black. Box contains dual hotshot mount flash adapter cable. This is a small cube with connectors on four sides. Anyone interested in photography will need to find out about wireless flash trigger devices. Free awardwinning triggertrap app available to download for your iphone, ipad or android device. Triggertrap turns the iphone into a multitrigger for dslrs. However, you may still be able to purchase a used triggertrap mobile dongle via ebay the triggertrap mobile dongle is a camera triggering accessory that, when paired with your smartphone, allows you to trigger your camera in fun, exciting and unique ways. Triggertrap mobile still works on iphone 7 triggertrap. Mobile dongle and triggertrap mobile app for ios, or with triggertrap ada. The team behind tric is looking to raise funds for the final development and mass production of a wireless trigger unit for the iphone. By matching any slr camera or advanced compact with the triggertrap mobile dongle, these.

The triggertrap mobile dongle connects your smartphone to your dslr to allow remote shooting. Tricflash wants to create the worlds first wireless flash trigger for the iphone and they need your help to succeed. Control your slr camera from your ios or android device with triggertrap mobile. Verbinden sie ihre spiegelreflexkamera mit ihrem smartphone. Combined with the awesome triggertrap mobile app available on ios and android the new flash trigger allows you to control the flash. Triggertrap flash dongle for ultrahigh speed iphoneography. How to use offcamera flash with an iphone 4 lighting. Buy triggertrap ttfa2 v2 dual hot shoe flash adapter for smartphone at.

The worlds first professional wireless flash trigger for the iphone. We have used the triggertrap flash adapter with yongnuo flashes. An app for ios or android a mobile dongle that turns an audio signal into a switch a camera connection cable for a. This is the next level of triggertrap mobile photography. Now you can use speedlite or studio strobe with your iphone. For 30 dollars you are able to buy the hardware needed to connect the current triggertrap dongle to your flash and trigger it using the available app. The triggertrap app allows you to trigger your camera from your ipad in loads of creative ways. There are a few pretty good other solutions out there cameraaxe being my fav, but they are all separated biggish boxes. Now photographers can use speedlights or studio strobes with their iphones. The lightningtoheadphone adapter that comes bundled with your. Although you will be able to trigger your flash, delays inherent in the android operating system means that our android app cant be considered a truly highspeed device, therefore we recommend this product for use with. The idea with the special triggertrap flash adapter is that if you are trying to catch a bullet midflight, it is very difficult to do so if the flash is connected to your camera. The worlds first wireless flash trigger for the iphone is. Triggertrap has released a new flash adapter that opens the world of high speed photography to the average joes of the world.

Great news for fans of iphone 7 and triggertrap mobile you dont have to do anything to continue using your existing kit. Triggertrap mobile app turns your iphone into a smart dslr. Triggertrap mobile is an ios app which aims to help you capture that elusive shot by turning your iphone or ipad 2 or new into a smart camera trigger capable of making your camera take a photo. A hot shoe a second hot shoe a 18 monophonic socket a threaded 14x20 socket for tripod attachment. Combined with the awesome triggertrap mobile app available on ios and android the new flash trigger allows you to control the flash from your smartphone. The response time is much faster and can be used for freeze frame. Triggertrap md3dc2 mobile dongle and dc2 remote release. Trigger speedlights from a smartphone with triggertrap. Triggertrap releases new flash adapter for high speed.

Buy the triggertrap flash adapter version 2 here at dale photographic. Triggertraps lowcost hardware and ios app combo might easily bring remoteactivated photography to a larger audience. Triggertrap is an iphoneipad app that works in conjunction with a special camera connection cable to trigger dslrs in a variety of different ways. Triggertrap does time and distancelapses on the iphone. Twin hotshoe adapter with a standard 1420 thread to fit onto your tripod. I purchased the dslrkit twin flash hotshoe adaptor on amazon and a 2. The triggertrap mobile dongle can be purchased on its own, or as part of a kit, bundled with a camera connection cable.

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