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C nema 4x ip 65 and nema 6p enclosure ip67 use suitably rated conduit and connector. The cover shall contain tamper resistant screws for which a security wrench will be provided with each switch. The vsr switches and retard device are enclosed in a general purpose. Potter s intelligen nitrogen generator systems provide a low cost, reliable, and efficient method of producing up to 99% pure nitrogen onsite at the point of usage. Table b model fca equivalent length of schedule 10 pipe size. A model bvl bleeder valve as supplied by potter electric signal company of st. Fire alarm common white control panel supervisory circuit voltage. The model pcvs is a weather proof and tamper resistant switch for monitoring the open. Carefully route tamper switch wires through strain relief channel in switch enclosure. Adjustable pneumatic retard setting from 0 to 70 seconds.

For use with post indicator type valves and regulating valves. The cover tamper switch can be wired into the plug circuit or wired as a separate circuit. Testing the ptsc and its associated protective monitoring system should be tested in accordance with applicable nfpa codes and standards andor the authority having jurisdiction manufacturer recommends quarterly or more frequently. Tamper switch locknut 11 38 28,9cm target moves down as valve is shut tamper switch figure 2. Multiple orifices and pressure relief options are available for the model fca floor control assembly.

Installation instructions for potter control valve supervisory switch pcvs with. Potter electric signal company 2081 craig road, st. The cover is held in place by two tamper resistant screws that require a special tool to. Transmits an electrical impulse to activate audible or visual alarm. They will mount on some valves as small as 12 12,5mm. Installation instructions for potter control valve. Tamper switch wiring procedure refer to figure 2 and the notes for wiring instructions. Wfsrf waterflow alarm switch with retard potter pressure. Switch installation fivalco butterfly valves are provided with internal supervisor position switches. What is a tamper switch for fire protection systems. It is ul listed for use on type k, l, and m copper pipe, sizes 2 thru 4 50mm 100mm. Buy potter electric signal pcvs2 indicator valve switch. Potter electric signal pcvs2 indicator valve switch.

Installation instructions for potter control valve supervisory switch. The potter ps10 series pressure actuated switches are designed for the detection of a. Most attempts to tamper with equipment will occur when the facility is open, so connecting a tamper switch to send an alert only when the intrusion alarm system is armed is not very effective. See bulletin number 5401103 for installation instructions. Plrbvs the rbvs is designed to monitor the fully open position of a ball valve installed in a sprinkler system. Automatic sprinkler system valve tamper supervision. With reference to figure 4 for the open position or figure 5 for the closed position, the supervisory switch is intended for con nection to the supervisory circuit of a. Potter amseco pcvs2 potter control valve switch, two contacts our price. A field installable cover tamper switch is available as an option which.

Physical reader security, tamper and supervisor features application note an0112, rev b. You connect the tamper switch directly to the security control panel. Potter rbvs universal ball valve switchwo cover tamper sku. The switch will change position and close within two 2 full turn of the hand from the fully open position. Potter announces the acquisition of toweriq, a designer and manufacturer of emergency communication systems with offices in new york, florida and kiev. Tamper switch installation instructions fire alarm resources. The tamper switch operates by cam connected to the valve stem. For a more comprehensive setup in the automation section, it is necessary to connect the tamper switch to an io module 9155034 or wiegand module 9155037. View and download potter ps120 series manual online. The cover is held in place by two tamper resistant screws that require a. Pdf icon download the potter electric osysu2 cut sheet. Remove the tamper resistant screw with the special key provided. Cover tamper tamper resistant screws optional cover tamper switch available contact ratings pcvs2.

Therefore, do not install the osy2 with its actuating lever pointing upward. A tamper switch is a mechanical and electrical device connected to a fire protection valve that signals a warning if the valve partially or fully closes. And yet, this issue rises to the surface time and time again. Potter osysu1 tamper switchklik gambar untuk detail produkharga dan stock dapat berubah sewaktuwaktuuntuk harga terbaik, silakan hubungi kamiph. Osysu1, 2 outside screw and yoke valve supervisory switch ul, ulc and csfm listed, fm approved, nymea accepted, ce marked dimensions. The actuator should easily retract up when the valve handle is in the open position. This switch engages automatically when the valves reach the open position. Vsr c vane type waterflow alarm switch with retard for. This device contains two sets of spdt form c contacts. Installation instructions for potter control valve supervisory switch pcvs with application on uwp vertical and wall indicator posts 1 ensure that the post indicator openshut indicators are adjusted for the proper valve size. The cover shall contain tamperresistant screws for which a security wrench will be provided with each switch.

If the switch is installed with the actuator pointing upward, water may leak into the interior of the switch. The potter signal 1010207 pcvs2 control valve supervisory switch has a durable design which stands up well against weather, wear and tear. Potter amseco rbvs retrofit ball valve switch jmac. An overview of all the new installation features of potters osysu supervisory switch. Conduit and electrical connections are to be made in accordance with the authority having jurisdiction andor the national electrical code. The osy2 supervisory switch can be mounted on open yoke valves between 1. In some cases, tamper switches are connected to a dedicated tamper input. With the bracket removed, system sensors osy2 supervisory switch also installs to sidebracketstyle pressure reducing valves. If any unauthorised tampering occurs, the switch triggers an alarm. Potter signal 1010203 pcvs2 control valve supervisory switch.

When mounted on any slowclose valve and wired, the switches signal movement of the valve disc from the full open position. Vsr vae tpe waterflow alarm switch with retard installation see fig. Set the tamper switch on the screw studs and fa sten the tamper switch to the back box with the two number six flange nuts provided. Regardless of the type of tamper switch, they all function similarly. The unit will fit on most ball valves installed on backflowpreventers and. Cover tamper tamper resistant screws optional cover tamper switch available contact ratings osysu1. Outdoor explosion proof post indicator and butterfly valve supervisory switch. The tamper switch features an actuating unit, usually a lever or cable with a resting position. Pcvs1 potter control valve switch single switch 1010107 pcvs2 potter control valve switch double switch 1010207 cover screw 5490344. It is ul listed and fm approved for on horizontal pipe they should be installed on the top side of the use on steel pipe. The bottom mounting holes are used to mount the switch on the other side of the cabinet. Two single pole, double throw microswitches to operate separate circuits, 120 volt a. Supervisory switch for post indicator or regulating type. The cover is held in place by two tamper resistant screws that require a special tool to remove.

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